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Motor Neurone Disease Australia
is the national voice for people living with MND.  

MND Australia works in collaboration with the state MND associations to help Australians impacted by MND live better for longer. We provide trusted information and raise awareness to promote the best possible care and support. We play an authoritative role in shaping government policies to empower the MND community. Every research project financed by MND Australia has been scrutinised and endorsed by our committee of experts to ensure that our supporters’ donations fund only the best research.

We believe researchers will find a cure and one day the world will be free from MND.


18/12/2014 - 

MND Australia's National Executive Director, Carol Birks recently spoke with 2GB's Steve Price about MND, and MND research and care. Listen to the interview.

8/12/2014 - 
Professor Matthew Kiernan, Chairman of the MND Australia Research Committee, has been awarded the prestigious Forbes Norris Award in recognition of his major contributions as an ALS/MND clinician, educator and scientist.

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The MND Australia Ice Bucket Challenge Grant will provide up to $350,000 per year for a novel three-year research project that aims to understand the causes of sporadic MND in humans with the aim of finding a treatment.... read more

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Do you have a story to share about the impact of the quality, timing and place of care on the lives of people with MND? We invite you to help raise awareness and advocate for the rights of people living with MND by sharing your experiences. ... read more

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When you sign the petition, you’re showing that you understand and support the five rights of people living with MND. Signing the petition is an easy way to raise awareness and help empower people living with MND. ... read more