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MND Australia Strategic Plan 2015–2018

Rachel Rizk | 31/03/2015

We've recently uploaded the MND Australia Strategic Plan 2015 –2018 to our website. Have a read to find out about our planned endeavours over the next three years to ultimately enhance the quality of life of people living with MND.

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Three new submissions to support the rights of people living with MND

Rachel Rizk | 22/03/2015

MND Australia works with the state MND associations to ensure that policy makers and other key decision makers understand the complex, progressive needs of people living with MND. MND Australia has made three new submissions this year to support the rights of people living with MND.

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New scientific publication: Linking genetic variants to sporadic MND

Rachel Rizk | 17/03/2015

Researchers have identified a new host of gene variants that could make people vulnerable to sporadic MND.  The research is published in the journal, Scientific Reports. Dr Roger Pamphlett has prepared an  easy-to-read summary. This research was supported by MNDRIA funding.

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Allied Professionals Forum, 10 December, Orlando – heads up!

Rachel Rizk | 10/03/2015

The Allied Professionals Forum is an opportunity for health professionals to share their experiences, knowledge and strategies of caring for people with ALS/MND with their international peers.  The Call for Abstracts will go out on 27 April 2015 by email, and will also be available on the International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations website. More information

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Does your work involve MND? Nina Buscombe Award now open

Rachel Rizk | 3/03/2015

The Nina Buscombe Award provides funds to attend training, conferences or seminars where the content can be used to help improve the quality of services, management or research for people living with MND. The Award is presented and administered by MND Victoria. Applications close on 8 May 2015.

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MNDcare newsletter for health and care professionals

Rachel Rizk | 2/03/2015

Are you a health or community care professional caring for a person with MND? Do you subscribe to the MNDcare newsletter to find out the latest information, awareness, advocacy, research and professional development news? February issue is now online.

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Researchers identify the TBK1 gene as a risk factor in MND

Rachel Rizk | 27/02/2015

The ALS Association (USA) report a gene called TBK1 that may cause more than one percent of all ALS cases has been discovered. This gene would need to be combined with other environmental and lifestyle risk factors in order to ‘tip the balance’ and cause MND. Read more

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Carol Birks interview on MND and Stephen Hawking's unusual and remarkable life with MND

Rachel Rizk | 27/02/2015

An article about Stephen Hawking's longevity is published in the Sydney Morning Herald. It includes an audio interview with our National Executive Director, Carol Birks.

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Development and approval of drugs to treat MND

Rachel Rizk | 20/02/2015

MND Australia acknowledges the urgency to advance research to better understand MND and the desperate need for an effective treatment.  We believe any drug must have been proven to be safe and to improve health outcomes of people living with MND before it is made available for widespread use.

MNDcare for health and care professionals – now easier to use
MNDcare for health and care professionals – now easier to use

Rachel Rizk | 9/02/2015

MNDcare – MND Australia's evidence based and best practice website for health, disability, aged and community care professionals – has a new look and is now easier to use from any location or mobile device!