Strategic plan

MND Australia, in its Strategic Plan 2015 to 2018 provides the framework for endeavours over the next three years to ultimately enhance the quality of life of people living with motor neurone disease (MND).


Context Statement 

The most recent MND Australia Strategic Plan covers the years 2015 to 2018 inclusive (Plan).

The MND Australia Board of Directors has agreed to maintain the Plan throughout 2019 pending the decision on whether to restructure the MND state and federal bodies beyond 2019.

While the formulation of a fresh strategy beyond the Plan is not entirely dependent on a decision on whether to restructure, it is considered a critical component of any future strategic plan. A strategic plan that commences in 2020 will incorporate the Board-endorsed recommendations of the relevant Committees and/or Working Groups.

The Strategic Planning Working Group recommends that the Board approve the extension of the Plan to the 2019 calendar year.
Approved 22 June 2019 by the board of MND Australia. 

Strategic Priorities 2015– 2018

  1. Review our governance, structure and policies to better support our member organisations
  2. Influence government and other bodies to support the interests of people living with MND nationally
  3. Promote, support and fund the best MND research that has the greatest chance of providing benefit for people living with MND
  4. Support state MND associations in context of the National Disability Insurance Scheme to ensure the best outcomes for all people living with MND across Australia
  5. Promote community awareness and understanding of MND and the state MND associations
  6. Advocate for consistent access to quality needs-based services and support for all people living with MND in Australia
  7. Ensure a more financially independent and sustainable national peak organisation
  8. Liaise with international organisations, bodies and associations aligned to the MND Australia Objectives.

Read the full MND Australia Strategic Plan 2015 – 2018


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