MND Connect 2016

MND Connect brought together the community, researchers and clinicians in an interactive forum to discuss MND research.

The presentations can be viewed on YouTube

Held at the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) on 22 October, MND Connect was a fantastic follow-on event to consolidate information shared at the MND Research Meeting.

MND Australia, MND Queensland and the QBI welcomed some of Australia’s best and brightest MND experts who covered topics from gene discovery to clinical trials, and the current status of stem cell research.

MND Australia CEO Carol Birks presented the Deloitte Access Economics Report Economic analysis of motor neurone disease in Australia. The report highlights the costs of MND to the economy and the community and is a background to the National Action Framework which focuses on information and services requiring immediate and ongoing funding. Watch the video.

Associate Professor Paul Talman presented the Australian Motor Neurone Disease Registry and the importance of data collected from people living with MND and their families to improve our understanding of MND. To find out more about how to get involved visit Watch the video.

Anjali Henders from the Institute of Molecular Bioscience at the University of Queensland presented the collaborative work of the Sporadic ALS Australian Systems Genomics Consortium (SALSA-SGC). Watch the video.

Associate Professor Rob Henderson gave an update on the latest clinical trials and care in Australia (watch the video) handing over to Dr Peter Crouch who discussed the latest on his team’s Copper-ATSM trial. 

Professor Julian Gold spoke about the Lighthouse Project, a study designed to investigate whether endogenous retroviral DNA in our genetic make-up could play a role in sporadic MND. Watch the video.

Associate Professor Ken Rodgers stepped out of the lab to explore environmental factors and MND; discussing heavy metal toxins, pesticides and exposure to algal blooms. Watch the video.

Associate Professor Megan Munsie outlined how stem cells are being used to understand MND, the latest in MND stem cell clinical trials, and warned against enrolling in overseas trials involving unproven stem cell therapies. Watch the video.

Wayne Patterson shared his personal experience of living with MND. Proceeds from Wayne’s book “Fat Rabbit” will continue to fund MND research. Watch the video.

MND Connect wound up with a lively audience Q&A and panel discussion around the synergy between research and living with MND.

Huge thanks to sponsors: MND Queensland, MND and Me Foundation and VWR. Special thanks also to Dr Derik Steyn,  Dr Shu Ngo and Dr Stephanie Williams for their hard work in putting together the MND Connect program. Video footage of the MND Connect presentations will be available during December.


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Carol Birks – Deloitte Access Economics Report Economic analysis of MND in Australia

Associate Professor Paul Talman – Improving patient care through observing patient management, evaluating outcomes and linking clinical research

Anjali Henders – The SALSA Genomics Consortium

Associate Professor Rob Henderson – Update on clinical trials and care in Australia

Professor Julian Gold – Human endogenous retroviruses: a link to MND. The Lighthouse Project

Associate Professor Kenneth Rodgers – Environmental factors and MND

Associate Professor Megan Munsie – Stem cell research in Australia

Wayne Patterson – Fat rabbit and me (and MND)


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