Put a Price on it for research to END MND

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Next time you complete an everyday task, just take a moment to imagine how valuable it is to you

What price would you put on the ability to:

Dress yourself.

Drink your morning coffee.

Say to your partner 'I love you'.

Hug your kids and see them grow up.

Walk in the park or along the beach.


Put a Price on it. That's Your Donation.

By supporting research you support HOPE – Let's find a cure for MND!

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Why donate to the MND Research Institute of Australia

Research is the only way that we can change the future of motor neurone disease (MND). When you donate to the MND Research Institute of Australia (MNDRIA), you are assured that every dollar of your gift will be invested in research with the best chance of understanding the causes, developing effective treatments and finding a cure for MND.

Like you, we want to maximise the impact of your donation, which is why every research grant that we award has been scrutinised and endorsed by the MND Australia Research Committee to ensure that all donations fund only the best research.

Need help?

For assistance, or to make a donation by phone, please contact Motor Neurone Disease Australia or MND Research Institute of Australia on (02) 8287 4989

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International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations

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