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Join MND Australia and the State MND Associations to advocate for people living with MND. There are several ways that you can champion the rights of people diagnosed with MND when over the age of 65.

Email Senator Mitch FifieldIn just two minutes you can send Assistant Minister for Disability Services, the Hon Jane Prentice MP a message about the care of people diagnosed with MND when over 65.

Use our email template or email your message to Don't forget to add your own personal experiences. You may choose to cc the message to your State MND Association.


Suggested email wording:

Aged Care Reform - we need a fair system for all people living with motor neurone disease

Dear Assistant Minister,

I appeal to you to take action to ensure that people who are aged 65 and over when diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND) are not discriminated against due to their age.

There is inequity in Government support of people in Australia living with MND. For people diagnosed with MND when under the pension age, the NDIS will provide access to reasonable and necessary supports to meet their individual needs. However, people diagnosed with MND when over 65 must rely on aged care services and facilities, which are designed to address needs related to ageing not disability.  MND is not a disease related to ageing.  Typically, people living with MND have complex and individual care needs that rapidly escalate as the disease progresses.

We ask that Aged Care Reforms make for a fair care system for people living with MND.

Thank you for all you have done to date to advocate for people living with MND. We ask for your continued commitment to support people diagnosed with MND when over the pension age by:

  1. Improving the ageing/disability interface
  2. Improving the health/allied health/palliative and aged care interface
  3. Ensuring timely, equitable and affordable access to equipment and assistive technology
  4. Developing National Guidelines for the management of people with rapidly progressive neurological conditions

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