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Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Australia's staff members can assist journalists by:

  • providing trusted information about MND
  • detailing current government policies that impact people living with MND
  • outlining current MND research directions and identifying leading MND researchers in Australia
  • directing them to state MND associations whose members are people living with MND.

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Carol Birks, Chief Executive Officer 

Phone: +61 2 8287 4980
Mobile: 0408 461 932 


More information about MND and MND Australia


MND is known as als or lou gehrigs disease in other parts of the world

When covering stories from overseas it is important to change references to ALS to MND for the Australian audience. For written reports aimed at international audiences then the term ALS/MND can be used. 

Stories about MND can evoke strong emotions 

Media coverage can have a very significant emotional impact on people who have been touched by MND or people who are currently living with this disease. For this reason, we ask that you share MND Australia’s details as part of your story. This will allow your audience to access the wide range of support services MND Australia and the state MND Associations have in place.
The specific details we would like to share with your audience include:
For information and support please contact the MND Association in your state or territory on 1800 777 175 or visit the MND Australia website:


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International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations

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MND Australia would like to advise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander users that this website may contain images or names of deceased persons.